Our Story

When a chef & a sommelier come together we believe great things can happen. We tend to celebrate the little moments in life, because we believe that the little moments are what make each of us unique, just like our beer. We are passionate about Craft Beer. With this passion we bring the best Craft Beer to you. We do this by tasting…  a lot! Yes, it’s a tough part of the business, but we have enhanced our pallets over the 30 years (accumulative) we’ve been in the hospitality industry. The culmination of our journey -our red thread- is the Red Thread brewing co.

Our Approach

We are Craft Beer lovers with a desire to deliver the best tasting Craft Beer in the GTA that appeals not only to the owners, but to our employees and to the most important of all....to our consumers. We are dynamic, environmentally responsible and our #1 focus is to create great tasting Craft Beer. We try to reuse the spent grains from each batch and make great secondary products such as granolas, breads & even doggie treats.

Our Philosophy

The Red Thread is all about connections; connections to people and connecting to people we love. It's an invisible thread that connects all, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. We encourage you to get out there and connect with things you love to do. Red Thread Brewing "It's What Connects Us"